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Europe’s Green Fall

The stresses of a Green New Nightmare are showing up in European de-industrialization, heating poverty, and social unrest over fuel prices. Continue reading

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Rumor Monger – Is The EU Saying North Ireland Must Leave UK for EU / Brexit?

So is this a set up for a “No Deal or No Brexit” choice? Is the UK Renmoaner Parliament working with the EU to demand North Ireland leave the UK for the UK to leave the EU; then use that as a reason to revoke Article 50? Is there no level of despicable that the Parliamentary Rats find too far? Continue reading


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Boris Says Take It Or We Leave It

Boris Johnson tells the E.U. to take his deal, or that the UK is ready to leave without a deal. We’ll see now how the EU and Parliament repudiate anyone wishing to be free… Continue reading

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Belgium Pops For Nationalism…

Belgium has as it’s largest party, now, a “Far Right Nationalist” party. Yet the “Center Right” doesn’t want to form a government with them. Go figure… The EU does seem to be suffering slow self disassembly… Continue reading

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