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Macron Has Little Hitler View Of EU

Macron would like to eliminate all those bothersome countries with their archaic “nationalism” and make one nice big France & Germany lead Holy Progressive Empire. What could possibly go wrong… Continue reading

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France Votes

Discussion of the French presidential election and the result. Continue reading

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Dear UK: Run, do not walk, to the Exit. Now, please.

Per BREXIT: Dear UK, you are in an abusive relationship with a spousal abuser. THE best strategy is to get out fast and THEN negotiate from strength and without FUD Fear Uncertainty and Doubt being tossed at you. Continue reading

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And Then They Came For Le Pen

I’m a bit astounded at the tactics of the EU, the nature of French Political Infighting, and the crazy law about showing “violent images”. I’m also appreciating our US Constitution a bit more. Continue reading

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