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Same Solution, Same Problem, no fix

Some things never change. Ever since the Roman Empire fell, Europeans have been pining after New Empire. From the Holy Roman Empire to the EU, countries with broken budgets keep thinking that if they just tie themselves together, that will somehow turn two economic fails into one economic success…. Continue reading

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GHCN v1 vs v3 Europe, Region 6

The Europe v3 data show an increase in historical temperatures. Just how Europe can go up, North America down, and Oceana stay flat is an interesting question. Especially while Africa cools. All the changes are greater than the 1/2 C of “signal” being sought. Data change dominates and swamps the signal. Continue reading

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Kosher Autism Prevention?

Why does Israel have an Autism rate that is 1/10 to 1/100 th that of other countries? Continue reading

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Defenestration of Prague

How some Czechs tossing some guys out a window leads to the world of today. Continue reading

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