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Humans as Aquatic Apes – Elaine Morgan TED

A TED talk about human origin as an aquatic ape, and some terse words for science by consensus along the way. Continue reading

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If we evolved in the ocean, why do we have more K than Na in our biochemistry?

If life evolved in our ocean, with a Na / K ratio of 1 : 0.37, why do we have a ratio of 1 : 1.6 in our cells? Why did we evolve a metabolism that spends a lot of energy pumping Na against K to maintain that ratio? Something doesn’t quite fit. Continue reading

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Orangutan Gramps and Chimpanzee Grammy

I propose a novel hypothesis. That the Human genome owes some of our ancestry to a Chimp maternal line, but also owes some to a more nearly Orangutan paternal line. Oh, and with a “possible” of a bit of Gorilla mixed in, depending on blood group information. Continue reading


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