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If “Hate” is Grounds For Deplatforming, WHY Are Antifa and Leftists Still “Up”?

So IF we are going to make “Hate” the measure of a person to participate in public forums, then what can be done to balance the application of it to all those hateful and hating groups who assault folks on the Right? Antifa advocates assault. Maxine Waters is clearly full of “hate”. So…. Continue reading

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Why A Systems Flush Is Your Friend

Why I’m always swimming in the Digital River, crossing and recrossing it. Rotating systems frequently, and with partitioned use cases. Continue reading

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Why I don’t visit Facebook pages

If you visit Facebook, you are perpetually tracked wherever you go on the net from that time forward. Belgium said to stop it. Me? I just never ever use or visit Facebook and “flush cookies regularly”… Continue reading

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A SEALs moment

Facebook has a brain fart and goes for an ass cover. SEALs have it right, and will be ‘splaining it to ’em… The Obamanation can go on running and hiding from the truth. Continue reading

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