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A Small Rant On Cold Famine Hype

A short rant on the topic of a modest cooling leading to catastrophe in the food production sector. Continue reading

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Hekla-ing Egypt

Are historical patterns repeating to some extent? Is the Egypt / Hittite / Sea People / Canaan pattern shaping up for a repeat? Does Hekla play a role in that repeating dynamic? And can past “Intermediate Periods” give us a clue what happens when cold times, volcanoes, and political unrest mix in the region? Continue reading

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Great Famine of 1315 vs The Sun

Is there a pattern match or observable between the history of Solar Minima events, solar angular momentum, weather, and famine? Continue reading

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The Irish Famines of ’40s

An odd pattern of Irish Famine and hard times in years in the decades of the ’40s. Continue reading

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