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Hollywood’s Love Of Fascism

Mussolini was celebrated by Hollywood and by FDR in the early 30s. He even got a cameo in a Hollywood movie of the time (which Title I can’t identify). Lately there has been an attempt to hide these attributes of Fascism and distance it from the origin in Socialism. Further, the particular brand of socialism as half way from Capitalism to Communism has made a return labeled “3rd Way Progressive”. Folks seem to have forgotten who coined the term (Mussolini). Also, some notes on “3rd Way” economics, its roots in Socialism via the Fascist brand of Socialism, and the present attempts at resurrection by the Clintons and Obama. Continue reading

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A Cold Epiphany

A cold dip in Moscow and France decides to play with “The Socialism Shiny Thing” again… Greece is not going to play well with others, either. Germany looks to be getting the short end of the stick, and the Euro is more shaky. Continue reading

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isms, ocracies and ologies

A broad overview of just a few of the -isms, -ologies, and -ocracies that shape our world today. A short path to what made America what it was, and what is pushing it toward where it never was intended to be. Continue reading

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Welcome 2012, Views of the 3 Socialisms

A welcome to the new year and a bit of a look back to some taproots of history that have led us here. Continue reading

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