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Public Health Conf. 2019 – Blaming Salt For What Sugar Did?

Turns out sugar causes high blood pressure, salt not so much. It is about insulin changing kidney function. So go low carb, and put the salt back on your meat ;-) Continue reading

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OMG, a funny Fat Guy!

A comedy bit by a fat guy… Continue reading

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Rabbit Starvation / Protein Poisoning And Survival Diets

Why a diet very low in fat is NOT a good diet and especially bad in times of food crisis. Plan your prep to include stored stable fats like Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Continue reading

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Have These Idiots Never Been To Vegas?

Trump is being criticized for wanting good looking service staff in customer contact positions. Well, guess no Democrats will ever go to Las Vegas again nor frequent any theme parks nor, for that matter, go to the movies… Continue reading

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