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One Swamp Dweller Down, Several Thousand To Go

Andrew McCabe Canned – no pension for the wicked. One down, a few thousand to go… Continue reading

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Marcus Hutchins Arrested – Guy Who Stopped “Wannacry”

White Hat Hacker, Marcus Hutchins, arrested. He’s the guy who stopped “Wannacry”, but was busted for selling “malware”. But two whom and for what use is not stated. Was it two White Hats exchanging kits, or was it going to a Black Hat? Hmmmm… Continue reading

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Hillary did it, but skates says FBI

Hillary gets a pass. FBI says she did it, but not quite enough to send her up the river. Oh Joy, she gets to skate again. Continue reading

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Apple vs. FBI vs. Spy vs. Spy

The reasons I think Apple is right, and the FBI is wrong, in the FBI demand that Apple create a HACK to break their own security features. The risk is just too high. Continue reading

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