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Orange Sky Bad! Must Be Trumps Fault!

Welcome to Kalifornia where “Climate Change” means you can’t have a wood BBQ, but the forests can be left to develop too big a fuel load and turn the sky orange when they burn… Continue reading

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Trangia Mini – A Caution And A Fire Story

Don’t overheat your Trangia Mini or the thermal feedback can lead to a kind of thermal runaway. Continue reading

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A Bit Of Bongino On The Side

Looks like the House has voted for Faux-Impeachment rules; Bongino does a great rant, PG&E is a victim of Democratic Policies from the PUC, not Global Warming, and more. Continue reading

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Timcast On The ANTIFA Dead Gunman

Tim Pool has a good video on who is doing the incitement that lead to an old guy ANTIFA nut job taking fire bombs and a gun to attack an ICE facility… and getting himself killed in the process. Continue reading

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