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Nile Crocodiles In South Florida

Nile Crocodiles found in Florida… news from 2009 at 11:00 … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Comment on the Benefit of CO2

RGBatDuke does a great job of saying just why treerings are a poor thermometer and why CO2 is a Very Good Thing in a comment from WUWT. Continue reading

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Record Cold in Florida

Cold here in Florida. Record cold for this date. Continue reading

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The True Sign of Water Vapor Feedback is Negative

The climate models have the sign backwards on water feedback. They look only at the IR nature of water vapor, do a lousy job of clouds (or none at all) and the result is that the actual negative feedback of water gets turned into a positive water vapor feedback in the models. A horrid error. Easily observed. Continue reading

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Florida Resident (again)

I’m “On The Road Again”… I’m now a resident of Florida. Continue reading

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D.O. Ride My See-Saw, Mr. Bond

A bit of weaving together what we know about Bond Events, D.O. Events, Heinrich Events, Magnetic Changes, and a few other odds and ends of ocean currents. What it likely means. Continue reading

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In Florida Again

Early trip report. Continue reading

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