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Roundup Ready? Perhaps for Population Reduction

An interesting paper finds that Round Up / glyphosate in conjunction with the “inert” ingredients is toxic to fetal cells and placental / umbilical cells at concentrations likely to be found in foods. Then on a more “activist” site, it is linked to all manner of bad things involving gut bacteria issues and problems. Continue reading

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Plant based arthritis treatment for dogs

An interesting study in dogs with herbal treatments for arthritis and a reminder of prior work in fats and health. Continue reading

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Meals by the Numbers

Looking at the numbers behind the foods. It is important to shop with a calculator or do the math in your head. Kick the packaged brands habit, and learn to cook real foods. Continue reading

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A Variety of Low Cost Meals

Pointers on frugal cooking, overview of the methodology, and some general meal ideas. Continue reading

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Car Yogurt and Cheap Eats

Some ideas on inexpensive cooking and the merits of Do It Yourself in the kitchen, including making ingredients, such as yogurt, for yourself. Continue reading

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