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Crop Harvest Down – Historic Cold Dump Montana – Winter Early

Winter is arriving early and with a vengeance in the North West. Crops were planted late and are not yet fully ripe, with lower than expected yields. Not a good combination. Continue reading

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Wet Midwest Poor Planting

Weather and perhaps some non-weather related changes in the Agriculture and Packing / Canning industries. Continue reading

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G7 – Dear U.K., About That Brexit Project Fear…

If someone, ANYONE, is trying to make you afraid, that is about as certain as it gets that they are trying to manipulate you for their own ends. They way you slaughter whole herds of animals is to drive them into a fear driven stampede off a cliff. Nothing has changed in 100,000 years but the weapons used to create the fear and which herd is being herded… Continue reading

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Carnivore All Meat Diet – How It Can Work

How it is that a diet of all meat can work, and help some people with health problems. Continue reading

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