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Carnivore All Meat Diet – How It Can Work

How it is that a diet of all meat can work, and help some people with health problems. Continue reading

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Two TEDs – Fixing Diabetes, Obesity, And Cancer With Diet

How to eat and cure diabetes, obesity, and reduce cancer risk / improve outcomes. All while being happier in the process. Continue reading

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Eat Your Meat! Heart Disease In Paleo Farmers And Egyptian Mummies

An interesting video that looks at ancient diets and finds meat eaters are healthy and ancient agrarian diets high in carbs and plants, had “modern” diseases of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 55 minutes: Subscribe to feed

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$432 Of Food Prepper Inventory

In a SHTF moment and a quick run to the grocery store, what would be the likely result. What would be in the back of the car when you got home? Continue reading

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