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FORTRAN Fixed File To C Tab Delimited

Converting a FORTRAN fixed format file to TAB delimited using C Continue reading

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Some CoArray FORTRAN Notes

Some rough notes on places to start learning about Coarray Fortran and how to use it. Continue reading

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A FAMOUS/HadCM3 Parallel Computing Paper That Has Saved Me Years

About efficiency and Climate Models; making code parallel, and a few side remarks about run-time sensitivity to things like particular hardware and compiler settings. Continue reading

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Model II – Main Program

A technical overview of the MAIN program of the Model II GCM Global Circulation Model. While some code will be included, I will be adding explanatory text from my Point Of View as to what it does. Typically, a computer program has a MAIN body and that calls a series of SUBROUTINES to do various complicated bits. This makes it easier to keep track of what it is doing. Continue reading

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