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BrExit – Can’t Sell to EU Lie

Do other EU Countries predominately import goods from inside the E.U.? Does this support the notion that were Britain to leave the E.U. they would be unable to trade with it? Continue reading

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What A Coalition Of The Willing…

So I’m watching Russia Today and they reported some things that are just fascinating. ( I *think* all of these were from RT, but I was channel hopping a bit… it might have been Fox with the Anonymous story.) 1) … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is France

France is indignant over USA spying, but happy to have even more done by their own government. Continue reading

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Congress Needs To Tell France The Manipulation Ends

France wants to structure an end run around Congress. IMHO Congress needs to pass legislation requiring any agreement be reviewed by Congress. Assert authority, or bend over and take it… Continue reading

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Dismal Scientist (r) on Dismal European Numbers

The numbers on economic performance in Italy, Greece and Spain are not looking all that good. France turned down as well. Continue reading

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USA, France, Russia, China, then China / USA / EU?

What can an old Frenchman read by a Chinese with an American perspective tell us about present global dynamics and the future of the USA? Perhaps more than one might expect. We’ll have to see. Continue reading

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Tres French… Fleecing Le Google…

The French want Google to pay for sending them business and Italy lets the world know it is hostile to geology scientists in particular and all science in general. And they wonder why business is ‘staying away in droves’. Heck, I’m not seeing any reason to even visit the place. I might get arrested for the crime of existing and failing to do something impossible to do… Continue reading

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