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I’ll Believe The FBI Is Clean When Hillary Is Indicted For This

Until Hillary gets a real prosecution followed by real jail time, the DOJ and FBI will be seen as Democrat Party Hatchet Men 5th column. Things like Gillard sending buckets of Australian tax payer money to Hillary are just blatant influence buying and selling Continue reading

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Voter Fraud & Voting Irregularities

A place to accumulate news stories and links about any voter fraud or voting irregularities uncovered in this election. Continue reading

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Mispriced ETFs and a market warning

A look at, IMHO, a legal fraud scheme and how Market Makers can, when under a bit of stress, legally fleece the customer in ETFs. Continue reading

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Hey Global Warming Theorist Data Changers: Mess With The Research, Go To Prison.

Tampered with the data collection, juiced up the results, got additional funding. Sounds like a “climate science” story. But this, not being climate “science”, resulted in “guilty” and a looming prison term. I think the Global Warming Theorists need to take note. Continue reading

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