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A demo video of a .50 Cal Air Rifle. It looks to be about as effective as a medium sized handgun caliber. Not surprising as the energies are about the same. Single shot, and has a BIG logistics issue in the air tank to fill it, but “enough gun” for getting critters in a post Aw Shit. Continue reading

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For Fun – Star Wars Parody

A couple of Star Wars parody songs to lighten the day. Continue reading

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Tired of Joyless, Crabby, Bitch-Slapping, Cranky, PissWater Leftists? Then Dance!

Are you tired of the joyless emotion draining ennui of The Socialist Left? Do you need some honest joy in your life? Are you tired of being berated for actually appreciating sexuality and differences? Fear Not, brothers and sisters, Just DANCE! Continue reading

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Meet & Greet Proposal: W.O.B. Clermont

How about a Sunday Brunch at World Of Beer? Continue reading

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