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Well This Sucks – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 No Keyboard Lockout

My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is demanding the unlock code, but will not give me the ‘soft keyboard’ on which to enter it. It looks like “wipe to factory and start over” is the only option to fix it. I can’t recommend using a device with this failure mode for anything important. Continue reading


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From my new Galaxy note 10.1

I’ve bought a new Galaxy Note 10.1 both for some work purposes and for more light weight web use. It also can run Linux, so I’m going to be exploring how to set it up to be a reasonably secure communications platform (i.e. NOT using Android that Google just loves to pack full of ‘sharing’ features…) Continue reading

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Galactic Collisions and Our Ice Age

Our sun comes from the Sagittarius Galaxy and we merged into The Milky Way. This has very large implications for much of our evolutionary and geologic history, yet is largely ignored in “The Standard Narrative”. Continue reading

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Galaxy Full of Other Earths

Kepler finds a galaxy filled with Earth Like Planets, and about 100 Million with the potential for life as we know it. Continue reading

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