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What Difference Does Instrument Selection Make To Anomaly Processed Temperature Data?

I’ve wanted to do an A/B Comparison of “Anomaly Processed Temperatures” with changed instruments since the very first time I ran GIStemp, about a decade ago. Here, I finally get to “scratch that itch”. The claim is made that since it is all “done with anomalies” the actual instruments used does not matter. Here I show otherwise. Instrument selection DOES change the anomalies produced. Continue reading

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GHCN Version Anomaly Database Documentation

Some general documentation of the GHCN Versions Anomaly Analysis Databse. Continue reading

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Updated GHCN Load Scripts & Reduced Warnings

And inproved version of the MariaDB / MySQL database and data loading scripts, with run times and discussion. Many warnings removed and one data loading bug fixed. Continue reading

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The Inconsistency Screwage Of GHCN

GHCN definitions of what is a country and what is a WMO station are painfully fluid. Continue reading

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