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GIStemp on CentOS 6.3

What does it take to port the old GIStemp to CentOS? Continue reading

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Global Warming Theorists – A Modest Suggestion

A modest suggestion that the most accurate term for Global Warming Advocates is not “Natural Climate Deniers” or “Warmers” or “Warmistas” or any of a dozen others; but in fact “Global Warming Theorists”. Continue reading

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Some Videos On The Global Warming Fraud

A video collection on the Global Warming fraud. Continue reading

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Freeman Dyson – Dreams of Earth and Sky – CSPAN

A quote and link to a video for the interview of Freeman Dyson per his book “Dreams of Earth and Sky”. Continue reading

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Trend vs Range vs Causality in Temperatures

A small observation about trend in temperatures and the desirability to look a range. Continue reading

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