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A Wonderful Comment on the Benefit of CO2

RGBatDuke does a great job of saying just why treerings are a poor thermometer and why CO2 is a Very Good Thing in a comment from WUWT. Continue reading

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Send In The Clouds…

Clouds and albedo change limit imblanaces in energy flow into the planet to a remarkable degree and balance the differences between hemispheres. Continue reading

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A Well Done Comparison of Iceland Temperatures V.S. GIStemp Fantasies

While reading over at TallBloke’s, there was this article: https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/the-official-iceland-temperature-series/ That was largely a repost and link to this article: https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/the-official-iceland-temperature-series/ That does a very nice job of showing why I found GISS product GIStemp to be “unfit for purpose” … Continue reading

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Some More Trouble With Temperatures and Nice Analysis

Some interesting and useful articles / papers on why temperature data are a bit over adjusted and why slice and splice is a Very Bad Thing in data series. Continue reading

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A Published Paper on “wrong formula” for Feedbacks, but How Political?

A short review of a couple of postings and a paper that claims to show the IPCC / model formula has a simple and demonstrably wrong formula at the core. Continue reading

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