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Laugh or Cry?- And Then They Came For The Kettle…

First they came for the vacuum cleaner, and I said nothing… but now they come for The Kettle!. Stand now, or the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Revolution will surely follow an attack on The Kettle and The Smartphone. Young and old alike will take up arms (and biscuits)! Continue reading

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Micro-Spherical Rain vs Flat Land and Fictional Sky

What can virga and the geometry of rain provide in the way of insight? Enough to matter, I think. Continue reading

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Admission that the Global Warming Scam is all about the money.

Nothing like an admission by the perpetrator that their goal is to steal money from the rest of us to do what the wish to others… Continue reading

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Ice does not control Ocean Rise, the Mantle does

The depth of the oceans depends on plate tectonics, CO2 not so much. Continue reading

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Some Odds and Ends

A grab bag of links and things and a few comments on them Continue reading

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Deny Global Warming, Dishonorable Discharge and Prison – It’s The Law

The Commander In Chief has given an order that if a service member denies the existence of Global Warming they have committed dereliction of duty and are open to court martial. He is either ignorant of what he has done, thus incompetent to lead, or knows what he has done and is a tool of the UN and thus incompetent to lead, or an idiot. Maybe more than one… Continue reading

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Sen. Whitehouse on CSPAN Missing The Obvious

Sen. Whitehouse makes a CSPAN speech long on Talking Points, personal anecdotes, and short on thought. Yes, the usual… Continue reading

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