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Willie Soon and the Woman Scorned Index

A brief look at the Willie Soon / Sallie Baliunas paper showing that LIA and MWP were very real, and today is not at all unusual in temperatures. Continue reading

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Oklahoma Takes A Stand

Gov. Fallin in Ok. stands up to EPA overreach on the Global Warming Agenda Continue reading

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One Tenth Bar, Short Waves, and Solar Spectral Change

A review of a paper that finds a 1/10 bar ( 1/10 atmospheric pressure) common location of a tropopause on many planets with divergent atmospheres. Another paper says this can be applied to all sorts of planets, not just in our solar system, and also finds that the Stellar Spectrum matters. As our Solar Spectrum just shifted, I speculate that matters too, and that this 0.1 bar formula constrains our temperatures also. Continue reading

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Seeking Mertonian Norms in Global Warming Studies

A brief review of the Mertonian Norms of Science, and a review of how they are not demonstrated much in Global Warming science… Along with a lament about how to reverse that. Continue reading

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Winter Storm Warning for California – NOAA

NOAA issues a set of Winter Storm Warnings and snow there’s to be more snow in the Sierra Nevada. Generally good news, but not in keeping with Global Warming Dogma… It is NOT a warm snow… Continue reading

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