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And Then They Came For Climate Realists…

Global Warming Activist Radicals are not happy someone shows the truth, so want Google to ban them… Watch this space for when Google takes action… Continue reading

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Purging Nature? Google Chrome To Block Sites

It looks like Google is pushing censorship as the default in the Chrome browser in future updates. I guess it is past time to just not bother even thinking about buying a Chromebox or Chromebook or using the Chrome browser. I don’t need zealots nor SJWs deciding what I can read and how I can think. Continue reading


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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Google Search…

And interesting Project Veritas video about Google Search and how it is being tuned to “Prevent another Trump Situation”… Then a bit of my rant about that blatant bias and now it makes their product unusable for un-biased search. Suited to Alt Left users only. Continue reading

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The Price of P.C. Authoritarianism? $70 Billion+ Lost By YouTube

How to lose $70 Billion in one go? Piss off your customer base by being overly, and overtly, Politically Correct. Continue reading

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