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If “Hate” is Grounds For Deplatforming, WHY Are Antifa and Leftists Still “Up”?

So IF we are going to make “Hate” the measure of a person to participate in public forums, then what can be done to balance the application of it to all those hateful and hating groups who assault folks on the Right? Antifa advocates assault. Maxine Waters is clearly full of “hate”. So…. Continue reading

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FranLab, Nimo Tube & Google / YouTube Games

FranLabs looks at the Nemo Tube display, then some quesitons about what Google / YouTube is doing to downrate her channel in recommendations… Continue reading

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Got Google / Android? You ARE Being Tracked.

Google Maps and Android track you unless you do a LOT of “unnatural” and proactive actions. Continue reading

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Unbiased Search Engine

Is there an unbiased search engine? It looks like Mojeek just might be one. Continue reading

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