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My Odds

How to figure odds of exposure and risks. What we OUGHT to be doing. Continue reading

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A Very Nice Description Of The Government Debt Bomb

A nice short video that presents the real state of affairs in Government Debt and why you can’t fix it with any of the expected “solutions” such as raising tax rates. Continue reading

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I Am Now Officially A Democratic Demographic

Today marks the start of a whole new me: I’m now a Government Dependent recipient of Government Money. A true Democratic Demographic if there ever was one… Continue reading

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Davos, “Leadership”, God Giving Snow Clue?

The most rich of the most rich and their Government Lap Dogs are all meeting in Davos Switzerland for a nice round of casinos, skiing, fine dinning on other people’s money, and collusion to shape the global economy. Perhaps snow of epic proportions will convince them that the Global Warming dog no longer hunts… Continue reading

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