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Why Is The Democratic Party So Pro-Criminal?

The Dimocrats seem wedded to support for criminals. I wonder why. Continue reading

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An Obstinance of Authority

Just how far has a society fallen when it is considered impossible to inhabit a place without cell phone service, the internet, and city services? Continue reading

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Can’t Find Any of 12 Million Illegals, but Can Track Every Overseas Account Holder

A most astounding law, giving the I.R.S. global authority to set policy at any banking institution in the world, tracking every U.S. Citizen everywhere (or at least their money), and sharing U.S. Residents information with other nations globally. But they can’t find an illegal alien inside the USA… Continue reading


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GDP, Government Growth, And The Incredible Power Of Stupid

A discussion of GDP in various flavors, the growth (or lack of it) in the economy, an economist named Cipolla and his view of the Incredible Power Of Stupid. GDP-Ex-Government tells a great truth. Continue reading

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