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Hard Core Linux / Tech Vids

Some technical videos from the Linuxconf.au folks in New Zealand Continue reading

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Perils of GPU Math For Scientific Computing

Just as Climate Models get ported to GPUs, and just as NVIDIA starts to dominate High Performance Computing with their GPUs and CUDA language, just then, we find out NVIDIA’s newest chips of math that sometimes is wrong and not consistently repeatable. Oh Dear. Continue reading

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A FAMOUS/HadCM3 Parallel Computing Paper That Has Saved Me Years

About efficiency and Climate Models; making code parallel, and a few side remarks about run-time sensitivity to things like particular hardware and compiler settings. Continue reading

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Do NOT install SliTaz .deb on Raspberry Pi Model 2 at this time

Do NOT install the SliTaz .deb “dual boot” option on the Raspberry Pi Model 2 at this time. It results in a hung boot and useless system. Continue reading

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