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Australia, China, Fungible Commodities

My point of view on Australian Barley, Beef, and what to do about China being an SOB Bully Continue reading

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State Of The Crops Address – USDA

A brief review of some of the major grain, cereal, and soy crops of the USA. Continue reading

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DIY Grain Garden, Short Season, & Economics Points

An interesting article on growing a medium scale grain garden, processing it, and using the grain. There is a preamble on economic trends that is interesting as well. The writer is in Alaska, so pertinent information for a cooling world with short growing seasons. Continue reading


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Grains, and why food will stay plentiful

A wander through global grain production for a few of our major grain crops. Looking particularly at the ability to increase production, feed more people, and cope with any of warming, cooling, drying, or more variable rainfall. Continue reading

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