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GHCN v3.3 vs. v4 Anomaly Graphs – Africa

The GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Anomaly Graphs for Africa. Continue reading

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Anomaly By Continent Graphs GHCN v3.3

Graphs of the anomaly of the temperature data in GHCN v3.3, both in aggregate and by continent. Continue reading

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Sliding The Time Scope – Seeing Patterns In Stock Tickers

How does changing your “Start of Time” and time scope of coverage change what you see in stock charts? Continue reading

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Graphical Perceptions

Graphs can be interesting tools for visualization, but don’t forget that most of that visualization happens inside the mind and that you “add things” to the data when looking at a graph. Mississippi flow vs Solar AA geomagnetic index is one example. Warm Periods and cold spikes in GISP cores is another. Continue reading

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