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Resource Lifetime Is Infinite

We run out of resources when we run out of planet; and as of now we can get more planets. Continue reading

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Bone Growth, Dinosaurs, And Naming – TED Talk

Where are all the baby dinosaurs? Hiding in plain sight. But we lose a few species in the process of discovery… Continue reading

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Unlimiting Growth

An overview of resources, resource uses, and the whole notion of running out and the Running Out! Scare stories. Continue reading

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How Much Government is Just Right? 26% of GDP

Can one answer the question: “How Much Government is The Best Size?” Turns out you can, and Economists have looked at this for a while now. It’s the Rahn Curve. First cousin to the Laffer Curve. While Laffer looked at “How much taxes makes the economy grow less” and came up with about 20-something precent, Rahn looked at “How Much Government leads to maximal economic growth?”. And got a very similar answer. Continue reading

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