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Dear Jews Of The Left

Why 4 Walled coverage of the shooter killing 11 and no coverage of guns stopping shooters? Perhaps Jews need to realize, as Israel realized, being better armed is the way to life. Continue reading

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Mass Noun – A Stupidity of Congressmen

As the worm turns, a judge has decided to block the distribution of 3D printed gun plans via a web site. This is dumb for several reasons, not the least of which is that the plans are already “in the wild”. Continue reading

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Gun Bans Lead To — Knife “Control”

The UK bans guns. London goes to a very high murder rate. “Knife Control” now on the agenda. (Soon to be followed by “Pokey Thing Control”, “Running With Scissors Control”, and “Wooden Stick Control”… Continue reading

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Politicians Need To Be Worried

An interesting observation on the political insight that can be found in a technical status screen on .torrent downloads Continue reading

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