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When Guns Are Outlawed… DIY Bow From PVC & Machine Bow

What happens when Things Go Wrong and it’s Zombie Apocalypse time, and you without a gun? Try PVC and a file… Continue reading

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Kinda Has A Handle On Things…

Sydney Watson videos on a couple of topics, including guns laws and self defense laws in Australia. Continue reading

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Post Apocalypse EOTWAWKI Choice? 12 Ga.

In my opinion, what is the best choice for “emergency use” guns? What crazy stuff can be fired from a 12 Gauge shotgun? Continue reading

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Mass Noun – A Stupidity of Congressmen

As the worm turns, a judge has decided to block the distribution of 3D printed gun plans via a web site. This is dumb for several reasons, not the least of which is that the plans are already “in the wild”. Continue reading

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