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Marcus Hutchins Arrested – Guy Who Stopped “Wannacry”

White Hat Hacker, Marcus Hutchins, arrested. He’s the guy who stopped “Wannacry”, but was busted for selling “malware”. But two whom and for what use is not stated. Was it two White Hats exchanging kits, or was it going to a Black Hat? Hmmmm… Continue reading

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Wikileaks CIA Methods dump of 7 March 2017

Wikileaks is dumping a load of methods information from the C.I.A. that ought to cause a lot of heads to spin. Continue reading

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Guccifer – Why Hillary Is Toast

The ‘hacker’ who cracked Hillary’s Email now testifying that it was easy, and about that 30 GB of archive he has… Continue reading

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Dongle Pi

A nice little Raspberry Pi on a dongle solution to some various security and privacy issues, along with configuration notes on how to set one up. Continue reading

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