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Truly Braindead “smart” TV Spec and Hack

To to hack a really “smart” TV via a broadcast transmitter without being physically in the same space as the TV, and have the hack be persistent through “factory resets” and other attempts to clear it. Cost? About $200 US and a bit of time. Drone optional, and extra… Continue reading

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Cord Cutting – Step 3: LG, Chrome and A Really Big Screen

Another step down the road to being a “Cord Cutter” with the buy of a nice LG HDTV for the living room, and adding a Chrome device to the other TV. Continue reading

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Cord Cutting – Step 2 – Roku

A first blush description of my experiences in buying an HDTV and internet TV gizmo (aka TV On A Stick). Continue reading

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New Toy – Laptop TV Tuner

A new toy has been a very low cost life style improver. HDTV into the laptop. Continue reading

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