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Get Sun, Take Vit-D

Most folks have very suboptimal levels of Vitamin D, and this has implications for many disease states. From cancer, to immune function, to osteoporosis, and more; raise your Vit-D level to improve your health. Continue reading

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Go Ahead And Use Salt – Especially Keto Dieters

Two videos citing published research showing that the UN W.H.O. and USA recommended salt intake levels are too low and more likely to cause problems than fix them. Continue reading

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Eat Butter and Coconut Oil and Drink Whole Milk For Mental Clarity

For good brain health, eat your butter and coconut oil, and drink whole milk, eat full fat cheeses. Continue reading

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – An Obesity M.D. Video

Two videos on ways to cure diabetes with diet. Both are likely to work, IMHO. The first will be easier for most folks to manage and is based on just eliminating carbs. The second is to go vegetarian and low calories very low fat. The first reduces the sugar spike / insulin response. The second addresses the insulin resistance once the cells are saturated in calories / fat and can’t take any more. Continue reading


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