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Interesterified Fats – How Evil?

How bad are “interesterified” fats in a diet? Continue reading

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Fox (and CNN to some extent) on the wrong side of vaccination

A short rant about the stupidity of the present ranting about Measles and the desire by power mongers to have forced vaccination. Continue reading

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Arsenic Rice Scare

A brewing panic over arsenic in rice, and why you ought to ignore it. Also why having The Government controlling your food supply and medical care is a Very Bad Idea. Or: “Lord save me from the tyranny of Idiot Experts. -E.M.Smith” Continue reading

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Cancer? Take an Aspirin

Seems that Aspirin can prevent, and even help cure, some cancers. Continue reading

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Uganda Ebola One Patient Away From Disaster

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda is a strain named Sudan and has slightly lower lethality than some strains and slightly higher ability to spread. It has reached an urban center, so is worth watching. Continue reading

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Jerky Or Braces?

If you would have a good smile, chew a lot of jerky. Continue reading

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Bogus BMI – Body Mass Index

The BMI is a broken method of assessing health risk and ‘overweight’. It’s just bogus, in many ways. As a way to measure body fat and health risks, it’s just so wrong. Continue reading

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