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Raspberry Pi Cooling – Finally Passive Good Enough

There’s a firmware update to help the Pi M4 stay cool and some nice passive cooling options. It still adds $16+ to the cost, but at least you can start to use your computes. Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Have A Raspberry Pi 4: Poor Cooling

Why don’t I have a Raspberry Pi Model 4? Because it has lousy heat design, the case sucks for heat removal, and you must spend up to $20 to get an effective passive cooling design that lets you run full power without a fan. Continue reading

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The Ocean, By Other Means – Air Temperatures

How much ocean does it take to hold all the heat in the atmosphere? Not very much… Continue reading

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LENR Year Of Answers?

Some recent news makes this look like the year where we are likely to finally get an answer on “does it work or not?” for Cold Fusion / LENR power systems. A couple of players have said they will be commercialized in 2014. One can only watch and hope. Continue reading

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