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I’ll Believe The FBI Is Clean When Hillary Is Indicted For This

Until Hillary gets a real prosecution followed by real jail time, the DOJ and FBI will be seen as Democrat Party Hatchet Men 5th column. Things like Gillard sending buckets of Australian tax payer money to Hillary are just blatant influence buying and selling Continue reading

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Hacks, Leaks, Investigations, Evidence – Leaps…

Some ideas about the DNC and Hillary leaks / hacks and a bit of description of how a person in the computer security business views things. Continue reading

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TT – Minus 5 weeks

The Trump Transition, less than 5 weeks left to the long nightmare… Continue reading

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Disintermediation vs Framing and Messaging

The Media join the long line of disintermediated industries where the internet bypasses their toll roads and bridges to products and the truth. Continue reading

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