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G7 + Australia, India, Russia, South Korea… Minus China

Trump invites India, Australia, Russia, and South Korea to the G7, but not China. Guess who will be the topic… Continue reading

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India On The Moon, Space Taxi, and more

India lands on the moon, maybe. Space Taxi to Geosync coming soon. How to 3-D print a rocket body, and more. Continue reading

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G7 – Dear U.K., About That Brexit Project Fear…

If someone, ANYONE, is trying to make you afraid, that is about as certain as it gets that they are trying to manipulate you for their own ends. They way you slaughter whole herds of animals is to drive them into a fear driven stampede off a cliff. Nothing has changed in 100,000 years but the weapons used to create the fear and which herd is being herded… Continue reading

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9500 Year Old City Underwater Off Indian Coast

A nice city of about 5 miles long, along the river where it meets the sea, under 120 feet of water and from 9500 years ago. Continue reading

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