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LatAm, Canal 26, Argentina Protests, Venezuelan Mess

A brief look at the status of Latin American news and protests lately. How’s that Socialism working out Down South? Continue reading

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Euros, Deflation, and Greece

The Economist thinks that the EU is headed for deflation and the cure is for governments to print more money and spend it with cronies of government and companies with large lobbyist departments (i.e. on ‘infrastructure’ projects) while ignoring the impact of high taxation rates and heavy burdensome regulatory environments. Continue reading


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The Present EU Economic Problem (and the Incipient USA One)

The Keynesian Trap, and how it will bite in the EU as the kleptocrats push more uneconomic green policies that kill productivity. Continue reading

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Budweiser may contain beer (soon?) and Burritos with real burro? (or horse)

A modest rant about cheapening products and inflation. Continue reading

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