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ARM chips to beat Intel Real Soon Now?

To what extent is Intel’s dominance of CPUs, especially at the higher end, under threat from ARM chips? Rather a lot. Continue reading

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For deep security, use ARM, avoid Intel & AMD processors

For about a decade now, Intel chips have had a ‘computer in your processor’ subject to exploit and where you can to audit nor control the programs running on it. A great place for a Government to insert spyware, don’t you think? That’s why I am building with ARM chips. Continue reading

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SOC Boards Getting Faster and Cheaper

Some interesting new Single Board Computer competition for the Raspberry Pi family. Continue reading

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Moore’s End, The Economist, The Absurdity and the Ecstacy

Hitting a wall as Moore’s Law runs into a limit of atoms, and how to describe it well. Plus an absolutely absurd statement about “central planning” from The Economist. Continue reading

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