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Rumor Monger – Is The EU Saying North Ireland Must Leave UK for EU / Brexit?

So is this a set up for a “No Deal or No Brexit” choice? Is the UK Renmoaner Parliament working with the EU to demand North Ireland leave the UK for the UK to leave the EU; then use that as a reason to revoke Article 50? Is there no level of despicable that the Parliamentary Rats find too far? Continue reading

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Ireland Taking A Snow Wallop

What’s a meter of snow in a day or two among friends? Airports, rail, buses closed. Folks told to stay inside and wait it out. Dublin. Continue reading

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I’m Hispanic, who knew?

Near as I can tell, I’m Hispanic. Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. Wherever they may lead… Continue reading

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GHCN v3 First Data

Comparison of v3 data shows “it’s changed” and sometimes for the warmer… Continue reading

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