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Tribal Islam, Tribal “Left”, Moral We

In the global struggle between Socialists and Islamic Jihad, will moderate moral Libertarians (European Liberals) and the Christian West be road kill? Or will we stand up and stop this crap? A rather interesting article on the “issue” is examined with my comments. Continue reading

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An Interesting POV on “solidarity”

An interesting ‘reactionary’ response to Nice, and the multicultural onslaught… Continue reading

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Orlando, Ideologies, Guns & Weapons

My commentary on the recent mass murder in Orlando, various ideologies, and the topic of guns & weapons. Continue reading

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End Of Germany?

Is Germany doomed to demographic extinction? Will German language and culture evaporate from the planet in the next generation? Likely yes, given present demographic trends. Does women’s lib mean the downfall of western civilization? Er… that one I have to think about… Continue reading

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