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Can We Stop Calling It Terrorism? It’s Islamists Attacking The West.

It is only “terrorism” if folks are in fact experiencing terror. Near as I can tell, folks are more pissed and angry than in terror. Since all the attacks are made by one group against all the others that refuse to accept their beliefs, perhaps it is time we admit the truth and call this what it is: Islamist Attacks and Islamist Attackers. Continue reading

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And Then They Came For Le Pen

I’m a bit astounded at the tactics of the EU, the nature of French Political Infighting, and the crazy law about showing “violent images”. I’m also appreciating our US Constitution a bit more. Continue reading

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An Idiocy of Innocence of Muslims

The movie and / or movie trailers for “Innocence of Muslims” has been exploited to inflame folks into attacking the U.S. Embassies. We are surrounded by Idiots, on all sides. The clips are pretty bad, but killing folks unrelated to the movie is just stupid. Apologizing for a move “we” didn’t make is even more stupid. Continue reading

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