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Does Gail Combs Get A Test Case For No Central Bank? Italy…

Will Italy take their gold away from the Rockefeller Central Bank? Will Italy abolish the EU Approved Central Bank and toss some of them in jail? It is time for Italy Watching. (I suggest buying Italian Wine for a while… you are likely to need it ;-0 ) Continue reading

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The Soros / Globalists vs Nationalist / Populist Split Hits France / Italy

France recalls their ambassador to Italy. Italy suggest the Yellow Vests dump Macron. Is it because France nationalized a failing shipyard… Continue reading

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Conflating “Right Wing” with “Nationalist” with “Populist” – Slovenia, Hungary, Italy…

Oh So Slowly, but accelerating, the people of Europe are taking their countries back from the Globalists. Continue reading

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Italy – Non-Performing Loans headed for 20% – Yikes!

The Italian banks are in horrid condition, and prospects for any way to fix it are very dim. There is a high risk the Italian Government would fall, or the EU would break up, on any significant action; and no action means a different path to failure. Continue reading

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