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Looks Like Kerry’s Son Is In It With Biden’s Son

An interesting 3 minute video snippet that ties John Kerry to the Biden pay-to-play China deal. Continue reading

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Iran Nuke – 2 Months From When?

Who is lying about the Iranian Nuclear Bomb time line? And what lie has the biggest win? IF “the biggest lie wins the most”, we’re screwed with another “Peace In Our Time” fantasy. Continue reading

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Kerry Channels Muller

Sen. Kerry channels Muller in a speech asserting that taxing carbon will let our solar manufactures win over China. Yup, more taxes and higher costs to produce will cause an increase in U.S. manufacture… With logic like that in the Senate, no wonder we’re loosing to China. Continue reading


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Kerry and Broaden The Base

Kerry lets leak how he would like to Tax and Spend $1 Trillion in Super Committee proceedings. Continue reading

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