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Rubin Report – Ex CIA On Iran & Media & The Left

Dave Rubin, Rubin Report, interviews an ex-C.I.A. analyst Bryan Dean Wright. Continue reading

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And Then They Came For Climate Realists…

Global Warming Activist Radicals are not happy someone shows the truth, so want Google to ban them… Watch this space for when Google takes action… Continue reading

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Supporting Journalists: Please do NOT learn to code!

A couple of videos about the meme “Learn To Code”, and a rant about Laid Off Journalists being self centered and petty myopic snowflakes. Continue reading

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The Left Pole Of The Political Sphere – Where All Directions Are To The Right.

A Jordan Peterson video that introduces an interesting idea. If you think of The Left as being a pole, like the North Pole of the planet; then it is clear why they call everyone else Right Wing. For all directions away from a Left Pole would be “to the Right”. Continue reading


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