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Summary On First Liquid Stone Experiment

After a year of aging in the corner, the results of a first very rough test of ‘liquid stone’ tech as it might have evolved from junk on an Egyptian trash heap near an embalming site or near a glass or clay working shop. Continue reading

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Burning Man to Beech and Rock Softening

A cascade of things, from Burning Man, to survival foods, to medicinals and art, video and music. Continue reading

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Dinosaurs, Liquid Stone, and Radioactivity

Dinosaur fossils can be radioactive. This leads to interesting thoughts about liquid stone and hunting fossils. Continue reading

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Caliche CO2 Feldspar And Climate Dust

Implications of caliche for climate changes, past and future, and how it might be a very under appreciated thing in CO2 cycles. How soil science matters to CO2. How dust matters. Continue reading

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