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Lithium, Cobalt, and Why They Are No Problem

Cobalt is NOT essential to Lithium batteries. For that matter, even Lithium is not essential for ion-type batteries as Sodium-ion and Potassium-ion batteries exist. Continue reading

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Easier salt removal from sea water, mining lithium and more – 1 new tech.

Use of artificial membranes with selective pores to sort Li+ from Na+ from K+ from… Good for both Li+ enrichment in mining and perhaps eventually mining sea water while making fresh water. Continue reading

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Maybe this Magic Battery Will Make eCars Workable

Yet Another New and Improved Battery Technology… This time for sure… Continue reading

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Oh Dear. An Impossible Battery – From An Impeccable Designer

An amazing leap forward in battery design, which has inexplicable theoreticals. A couple of links to an interesting site for folks interested in batteries. Continue reading

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