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Updated GHCN Load Scripts & Reduced Warnings

And inproved version of the MariaDB / MySQL database and data loading scripts, with run times and discussion. Many warnings removed and one data loading bug fixed. Continue reading

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Some Notes on GHCN Database Using Odroid N2

Getting the GHCN database onto the Odroid N2 and testing bits, timing things. Continue reading

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Some Benchmarks For SBCs

I run some sysbench benchmarks on various computers and SBCs I have. Continue reading

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A GHCN Temperature Database Install Script

A couple of scripts to do all the database installation, Python install, table creating, table loading et. al. with minimal steps. It does not include the FORTRAN data preparation steps that are only done once but are documented in other postings. It does bring together bits and pieces from several postings in one place so you don’t need to search all over to find the bits. Continue reading

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