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This Lockdown IS The Green New Deal…

The Covid shutdown / lock down is the same as the Green New Deal. Enjoying your sampler of the planned future? No airplanes, cars, trucks, oil. Just peaceful nights at home with the family enjoying whatever the Media Companies (propaganda) and Regulated Speech (“social networking”) allows… Continue reading

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Jordan Petersen – Marxism and the Pareto Principle

Marxism is ignorant of the Pareto Principle ( 80 / 20 rule) and so tilts at windmills attempting to change what is immutable. Continue reading

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Why Leftists Love Islam & Immigration? Marxist tools.

A couple of explanations of just why Marxism embraces some logical inconsistencies like embracing Islam while dissing Christianity… Continue reading

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Cultural Marxism?

Are we having an episode of Cultural Marxism? Continue reading

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