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One Day To The End Of Maya Time!

Um, there’s this small matter of the End Of Days being a bit ambiguous as to when… The start of the day? The end? And what time zone goes first? Or do we all go at the same time? So if the first one obliterated could put up a post as you go, letting the rest of us know when that might be, well, it would be the civil thing to do. Thanks! Continue reading


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End Of Days – Only 3 Weeks To Go!

A nice video of an interesting place in India, and a reminder that it’s only 3 weeks left to the end of the Maya Calendar. You’d think they would have put the End Of Days on the 26 th just so we could have one last Christmas… ;-) Continue reading

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4 Weeks to the End Of Time

4 Weeks to the Maya End Of The World. What does history tell us we might experience? What happened 5100 years ago “last time”? Continue reading

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5 Weeks to the End Of The World

The end is neigh! The Maya say we have 5 weeks left! (Though ‘the end of what’ is a bit vague…) Continue reading

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