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Freedom Universal TV / Tube – A Modest Suggestion

A modest proposal for how to bypass YouTube and FaceBook censorship of conservative / libertarian thoughts and media with a new platform idea. Continue reading

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Trump Winning The Impeach Show – Media TDS

Media are having a bit of a fit over Trump RISING in the polls as they do their Impeach Screech donkey and ass show… Continue reading

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Trump Approval UP, Media All ‘Splody

It would seem that Trump’s approval rating has gone up on the Impeach Screech Crap (despite the “polls” being pushed by the Dimocrats who poll only their friends and find approval for impeachment exists somewhere). Trump support is up ESPECIALLY … Continue reading

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Trust In Media Collapses – Again – Further

With the latest Impeach Screech Fantasy, trust in the Mainstream Media collapses further into the dead zone… Continue reading

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