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Venezuela – End Game Begins

Venezuela getting a new Maduro sponsored constitution is being dissed by Brazil and Mexico. Death toll at 31, and rising. A new bigger march being planned, and Maduro not budging on elections. What is the proper snack for watching Government Collapse? Popcorn seems trite… Continue reading

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5 Degrees in 10 Degrees

An interesting Sea Surface Temperature map from the U.S. Navy shows aspects of what actually drives temperature. It isn’t a gas. Continue reading

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How Spain & Mexico Fumbled North America

A short introduction to the intrigues of early Spanish and Mexican California, up to the point of becoming a State. Continue reading

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Can’t Deport 11 Million? Canard

It is not at all hard to move 11,000,000 people from the USA to Mexico over the span of a year or three. Continue reading

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Interesting Demographic Map USA

An interesting view of demographics in the USA Continue reading

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Immigration Reform For The Modern World

A modest suggestion on Immigration Reform. Continue reading

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GHCN Mexico v1 vs v3 by Months

Do the changes between v1 and v3 when looked at inside each month look ‘normal’ or like somethings strange was done to the data? Continue reading

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