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My Sentiments About Sucky Linux – Exactly

A 50 minute video on what makes Linux sucky at the moment. It’s not what things used to be sucky, now it’s a whole new batch. Continue reading

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Petya Ransomware Attack

The Petya ransomware attack, underway, locks up your system and reboots it, steals credentials, and is generally bad news. Looks to be Windowz specific and current security patch levels block it. Continue reading

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WanaCry Ransomwear Attack

A Ransomware attack by a worm named WannaCry, exploiting an NSA hack, has taken down many NHS sites, FedEx, and a couple of Spanish and Portuguese telecoms, among others. This is a place to discuss it. Continue reading

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Grab Bag – November 5th

A modest collection of various topics, each of which is a bit small for a full on posting. Continue reading

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